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 contacted several reporters and told them what we were planning.
 63. On August 2, 1980, the Atlanta Journal ran a story
 on marlJuana's medlcal uses. The story noted i was working to
 make-marijuana legally available to cancer and glaucoma patients.
 (See Exhibit)
 64. As _oon as the Journa_ broke the story I began
 receiving calls from all sorts of news people from around the
 state and across the nation.
 65. I was astonished at the outpourlng of publics
 political and medical support which gathered around my efforts.
 (See Exhiblts) Selected newspaper clips _rom Aug 3-Dec 17o)
 66. A5 the news spread I also began receivlng calls
 from cancer and glaucoma patients, _ndlv_duals with mUltlple
 sclerosis (MS), and from doctors and oncolog_sts from around the
 state. It was clear I had struck a nerve and that hundreds of
 people in Georgia were responding.
 67. On December 17, 1979, Representative Smith,
 Senator Broun, Speaker of the House Tom Murphy and the Lt.
 Governor, Zell Miller, held an unprecedented _o_nt news
 conference to announce thelr mutual_ all out support for the
 enactment ofoa Georgia _MarlJuana as Medicine" bit1.
 68= Lie Governor Zell Miller issued a publąc statement
 that day which began:
 "_ am here today to _pe_k _n favor of le_!slatlo_
 that is to be Introduced in _he 19_0 General
 Assemb!y to fac_l_tate the medical use o_
 marijuana _n the treatment of cancer patients who
 are _ece_v_ng chemotherapy treatments.
 Although chemotherapy _s a proven cancer treatment
 method it usually has devastating side effects,

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