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 written to tell him she had cancer _nd was smoking marijuana to
 get relief from the nausea and vomiting caused by her chemo-
 therapy. It was clear _epresentatlve Smith had been touched by
 the woman'm letter. He told me he had been th_nklng about
 introducing legislation® I told ham _ was _eady _o work to get
 59. I then met Senator Broun, whose wife was suffering
 from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Senator
 Broun was very receptive to the idea of a Georgia "Marijuana as
 Medicine" bill and told me he would introduce such a bill in the
 60. Representative Smith and Senator Broun then asked
 the Georgia Legislative Council to research the issue and propose
 appropriate legislation which would permit doctors to lega!ly
 prescribe marijuana to cancer and glaucoma patlents_
 61_ Xn a short time the Georgla Legislative Council
 reported that more than a dozen states had already enacted
 slm_lar legls_ation, and nearly two dozen states were considerin_
 such legislation durlng _helr Ig79 ses;slons, After reviewing
 various la_s the Georgia Legislative Council recommended _he
 Georgia bill be drafted using leglslation _rom New Mexico as a
 model. The New Mexico bill stressed that the resulting program
 was intended to meet the urgent medical needs of patients by
 making mar_uana available to them° through their doctors.
 62. After recelvlng assurances that both Represent-
 ative Smith and Senator Broun would sponsor "Marijuana as
 Medicine" bills in the upcoming, 1980 legislative session, X

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