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 seriously Ill Americans were having to confront the same choices°
 I was comforted to know that so many patients reached the same
 dec%e_on Harris and _ had reached_ Better to break the law than
 "tO_meedlessly mullets
 51. After speaking with Mso O_Leary and gaining the
 support of my parents X approached a number of Georgia
 onc_log_sts and aeked for their helpo _ told them it wae cruel
 tO force serlously ill patients to go Into the streets to meet
 their medical needs. _ explalned to them that I planned to speak
 ...... out publicly and I asked them for them to support my 9f forts %o
 make mar_uana legally available to cancer and glaucoma patients
 in Seo_glao
 52. All of the oncolog!sts and physlc_ans wlth whom I
 spoke said they agreed and would help _e in any way possible. I
 was surprised to d%scove_ all of these physicians were privately
 so supportlve of efforts to mama marijuana medically available to
 cancer patients. They seemed to want to increase public
 awareness of the problems caused by an_:i=cancer treatments and of
 marljuana_s potential benefits.
 S3. However, _t was equally clear these physicians did
 not want to take _h_ lead in pushing _or regorms. Doctors do no_:
 llke to be _den_f_ed with pollt_cal conflicts. Yet. these
 physicians made _% clear to me that _f _ took the in_tatlve the?
 would back me up.
 54° One way _n wh%ch they demonstrated this support
 was to provide me with letters outlining their support for
 mari_uana§s medical us_ Over a short period of time ! recelv_

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