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 felt was rights They said they would support me in any and every
 way possible. I was very proud of them for understanding how I
 felt and for their support. Marijuana is not a subject to
 ds_ms lightly in Georgla_ but my parents were willing %o face
 whatever controversy developed.
 - - 48. Shortly aster speaking with my parents X contacted
 Alice O'Leary with the Medlca% ReclasslflcaZion Project, a group
 seeking to make marijuana medically available to patients upon
 the prescr_ptlon of a doctor_ MSo OeLeary provided me with
 highly detailed Informatlon on mari_uana_s medical uses,
 including numerous scientific studies whlch showed marijuana, and
 a synthetic derivative of marijuana called THC, were effective in
 _educ_ng nausea and vom_tlng followlng cancer chemotherapy and
 radlatlon treatments.
 49. X was surprised to see there was so much
 information available on marljuana's medlcal uses. With all this
 positlve data I couldn't understand why the federal government
 wouldn't let serlously ill patients use the drug by prescription.
 Federal pollc_es were no% simply _rrat.lonal - people were
 suffsrlng_ su_ferlng like Harrls had suffered before we found
 50. Alice O_Leary also provided me with information on
 patient e_orts to make marijuana legally available for prescrip _-
 tlve use. In particular she told me that_ in an effort to get
 around ree%rlctive federal regulatlons_ states _ere passing laws
 to permlt patients to smoke marijuana under a doctor superv_siono
 _t was the first tlme _ began to _ully realize that thousands o_i

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