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 48o I realized how lucky we had been to find a nurse
 and a doctor willing to tell us about marijuana. And ! became
 upset, then enraged when _ real_zed or;her cancer patients going
 through what Harris had gone through, were being denied such
 44. I thought about older _atlents who might not kno_
 where tO find marijuana or who would be too frightened to smoke
 an illegal drug without =lose medical _supervls_on. And I though%
 about children and young patients in thelr teens whose parents
 would face an agonizing choice between breaking the law or
 we%chAng as thelr child suffered.
 45° Du_ng the flnal years of Harris' life we had
 heard abou4 ser lously ill patients in other states who were
 passing laws which would allow doctors to provide cancer and
 glaucoma patients with IAcit, medically supervised access to
 marlJuana for use An routines of medlcal therapy.
 46. After some deep soul searching I went to my
 parents. They had witnemsed first hand the dramatic improvement
 in Ha_rls _ condAtlon after he started smoking marijuana during
 has chemotherapy treatments. X %old m_ parents _ could not bees
 the thought of other desperately iI! patients golng without help
 - of suffering l_ke Harris had euffered_ Without fully knowing
 what lay ahead Z asked my parents if they would support =e if I
 publicly discussed Harrls _ case and how marijuana had made such a
 dlfference An his ilfe.
 47_ My parents are conservat±ve. But they knew what _!
 had been through° After some thought they told me to do what I
 :',i U

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