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 the nausea and vomiting. While these doctors would give their
 patlents information on marijuana_s med:_c_nal uses, they could
 not prescrlbe the drug. As a =esult of mari_uana's _llegaiity,
 Sts_medlcal use was being forced underground° Doctors would tell
 patients about the drug's bene_!ts_ subtly encourage them to use
 ...... marijuana, but would noZ openly discuss the sub_eCto
 38. During this same period of tlme Harris and _ had
 to go Into the stzeets and purchase ma_Juana from drug dealers°
 While we were constantly concerned about the possibility of
 arrest and our need to deal with criminals, my husband needed
 mar%juana to continue his chemotherapy treatmentso Whatever _he
 risk, it was worth it to provide my husband w_th relief he could
 not obtain from any other drug.
 39. _n spite of all the surgical procedures, radiation
 treatments and chemotherapy sessions Harrls _ cancer continued to
 ..... spread,
 40° Harris died of ham cancers on June 21, 1979.
 became a widow.
 41. Foliow!ng my husband's death I had tame to reflect
 on has medical cares and on _he immeasurable difference marijuana
 h_d made in his treatment and his llfe,
 42. While Harris was alive all our energies were
 focused on his treatment and care. But w_th his death _ had
 time to reflect on the meanness of a law which deprived Harris of
 his legal right to obtain marijuana - the one drug which actually
 relieved his nausea and vomiting _ frol= his doctor for use under
 medical supervlslon during his antl-cancer treatments.

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