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 supervise his use of the marijuana we obtained. These were the
 same physicians who could prescribe highly toxic chemotherapeutic
 d_ug_-._dangerously addi_tlve narcotlcs_ and radiation treatments_
 I remember thanking how crazy it was that the one drug they could
 not legally pree=rlbe _ras _he only drug which actually seemed to
 be helping my husband.
 35. _n the two years that _arr_s smoked marijuana in
 conjunction with has chemotherapy and radiation _rea_ments he
 never encounted an adverse or untoward reaction due to marljuana_
 In retrospect it is clear to me marijuana was the "safest's least
 dangerous drug my _usband received during the nine years he was
 under treatment for cancer°
 36. MarlJuana_ in addition to Ite°purelymedlcinal
 effects, had a pronounced effect on the quality of Harris' lilac
 Prior to using marijuana he felt ill all the time, could not eats
 could not even stand the smell of foo4 cooking in the house.
 After he began smoking marijuana he could function normally He
 remained active, ate regular meals and could be himself. While
 Harrle could not escape his cancer, m_,r_Juana allowed him to
 escape the horrid consequences of him treetmenteo As a results
 his mood, his manner, hle overall outlook was transformed.
 37° During this _ime {197_-,1979) Harris and _ became
 aware of other cancer patients who were smoking marijuana _o
 relieve the adverse effects of _helr antl-cancer therapies. _n
 the vast majority of cases %he paZlen_:s had learned about using
 marijuana medilally f_o_ _hei_ doctor_. The doctors would hint
 or flat out tell their patients mari_ana could possibly reduce
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