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 husband gone through all those years of needless suffering?
 29. Usually after receiving chemotherapy Harris was
 sick--for weeks and had trouble going to work. However, this time
 he was ready to go back to work only 48 hours after his
 30. From that moment on my husband smoked marijuana
 whenever he had to receive chemotherapy° And every time
 marijuana kept the nausea and vomiting at bay°
 el. The results were dramatic. Harris started to
 regain his loet weight, his mood underwent a marked improvements
 he became more active and outgoing and we began to do things
 toga%her that X thought we would never be able to do again.
 32. Harris always smoked his marijuana in the hospital
 and it was clear has doctors were aware of, and accepted what he
 was doing and approved of hle actions. They couldn't help but
 .... notice the sudden, remarkable improvement in his overall
 33° It is impossible for me to adequately describe
 what a profound dlfferen_e marijuana made to my husband's
 therapy. Because marijuana reduced and of%an eliminated the
 nausea and vomiting caused by his anti-cancer drugs_ Harris
 was able to continue his llfe prolonging chemotherapy treatments°
 Without ma_i_uana_s beneficial effects he could not have
 continued these treatments°
 34. While Harris _ doctors knew he was smoking
 mar_uana, and openly approved and encouraged him to continue
 smoking, they could not legally prescribe the drug to him or

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