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 didn't have any%hlng to lose. I prayed the marijuana would at
 least gave Harris a little relief. I did not have a io_ of hope°
 25. When Hamr_s went for his next chemotherapy he
 was so frightened he _orgot to bring hls marijuana° Me phoned me
 from his treatment room, told me were he had put the marijuana
 and asked me to bring _% %o hlm_ He told me he would not take
 hlm-chemotherapy unless he had m_T_Juana with him. I found a
 couple of _oints and took these to my husband at the hospital.
 26. XmmedAately before rece_vlng his chemotherapy
 injection Harris s=oked some of the mari_uanao I'm certain
 the doctors, nurses and orderlies who came into the room as my
 husband finished smoking knew what was going on. But no one said
 _nythlngo _% wam as if we had all reached an unspoken under-
 standing: If we didn't talk about I% then _t would be ok.
 27, After years of chemotherapy we knew the routine
 falrly well. Within 90 minutes - awake or asleep - my husband
 would beg_n his vlolent bouts of vomltlng° ! decided to stay
 with _arr_s through the nlght in case he needed my help.
 However, this time there was no vom_t_ngo That night Harris
 slept llke a baby. _t was the _irst full night of restful sleep
 he had gotten in nearly seven years of _ancer and anti-cancer
 28. The next morning when Ha_rms woke up he was not
 nauseated and actually ate breakfast, e real breakthrough° We
 were both a blt awestruck, No vomlt£ns, No nausea, And he
 ac_ually wan%ei to eat! _ cannot describe how relieved and
 excited we were. Why hadn|t someone t_Id us sooner? Why had _2

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