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 treatments more than his cancer ands he finally admitted, more
 than dying. He told me if it was a choice between taking
 ohemO_herapy and dying. _@ was ready to dle+ _ knew chemotherapy
 w_S horrlble_ but At was only then I began to comprehend Just
 how badly the chemotherapy 4rugs had hurt my husband°
 21. Our conversation was very emotional and one of the
 nure_ praotioners we knew overheard us+ Without being rude she
 interrupted us. "She said she understood our problem. Then she
 suggested Harris try to smoke marijuana to help relieve the
 nausea and vomiting caused by has chemotherapy°
 22. We were a bat startled by her comments° Harris
 had smoked marijuana socially, however_, he was only a seldom
 user of°marlJuana° Ea_rls couldn'T really believe marijuana
 could possible help stop _he debil_tatJing nausea and vomiting
 caused by his anti-cancer therapies+
 23. The nurse+s comments strayed with us and we brought
 the subject of marijuana up the next time we saw Harris + doctor.
 Me said he couldn_ encourage us to do anything illegal, many of
 his younger patlen_m were smoking mar_uana+ He %old us
 has patients who smoked mar_uana seemed to have less trouble
 wish nausea and vomitlngo While %he doctor was restrained in his
 comments hls message was pretty ole_r: Try marljuana and see if
 It helps.+
 24. Harris had a strong w%ll to live and he understood
 what the doctor was telling him. He decided he would give
 chemotherapy one more shot. Then he obta±ned some marijuana to
 smoke during his next chemo_h@_apy treatment° He told me he

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