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 16. At another point my husband experienced difficulty
 walking and It became necessary for ham to use a cane. Later, we
 learned his walking d_fflcultles were ˘au_ed by a number of
 tumors which were growing around has splne, pinching the nerves
 leading to his legs. Spinal surgery _s final!y, and
 successfully performed to _smove these _umors.
 17. As the disease continued to spread Harris
 underwent _n exploratory abdominal surgeryo However, the doctors
 found so much cancer when they opened ham up there was no
 surglcal way to remove the cancer° Mo_e chemotherapy was
 18. As the cancer spread the treatments became harsher
 • "_ and more frequen_o Radiation.treatments were added to his
 chemotherapy reglmlne. Like chemotherapy_ radlat_on treatments
 caused my husband to feel nauseatedo Zt was becomlng impossible
 for him to lead a normal llfe and each day was becoming more and
 .more painful for him.
 19o One day _n i%77, _ took my husband in for his
 chemotherapy treatment. _dhen we got to the treatment room where
 he was to _ece_ve his In_ec_en he suddenly bolted° r_n out of
 the room and down the corridor. _ fo_x_ him a bit later,
 wandering the halls. He %old me he couldn't take anymore
 chemotherapy, Harris was at w_t'_ end, exhausted by his dlseas_
 ferrelled by the horrible consequences of the very drugs which
 were supposed to help prolong his llfe.
 20, _ have never before or since seen a man so
 genuinely and deeply frightened. Harris had come to fear his

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