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 I0o A day after receiving chemotherapy, his vomiting
 would subside, but the chemotherapy drugs would leave ham so
 nauseated he cou!d not eat _ could not even stand the sight or
 smell of food cooking in the house,
 '- II_ We asked my husband's doctors what we could do _o
 stop this debilitating cycle of vo_itlng_ nausea and lack of
 appetite. The doctors tried to stem the vomltlng and nausea
 by p_escriblng a _erles of anti-emetic drugs llke Compaz_ne.
 None of these drugs made a dent _n his condition. Harris
 continued to vomito
 la. My h_band continued to receive chemotherapy at
 least once a month for nearly a year° Whlle the treatments
 seemed to help suppress his cancer, they were also taklng a
 terrible toll on the qual_ty of Morris _ llfe0
 13. Over the next seven years Harrls was in and out of
 remission several times. Each time the cancer would re%rear we
 would celebrates However, when It ret_rned _,t would be more
 widely dlmpursed and the anti-cancer d_'ugs used to f_gh_ it would
 ..... become more and more _oX_Co As the dr_gs became more powerful
 Harris' adverse reactions became more and more severe.
 !4. Du_in_ th£s s_e _e_iod HaraSs underwent multiple
 surgical procedures° As mentioned above_ %he _rst procedure
 _emoved his spleen° Later, addlt_onal su_gerles were performed
 in an effort to slow o_ stop _he spread of the disease.
 15_ ,A_ one poln% Harris underwent risky brain surgery
 after physicians discovered a tumor growing deep in his bra£n°
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