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 5. Harris was diagnosed a_._ having Hodjkins diseases a
 cancer o_ the lymph system. There is a rating system for
 Hod_k_ns disease whAch _angee from 1 _o 4b with I being the leas%
 a_fected_ At the time of dAagnosla HarrAs _ Hod_MAns_ was rated--a_-
 type 4a - he was gravely All, but not yet showing the advanced_
 manlfes% symptoma of has dlseaseo
 6. It was clear from what the doctors said that
 Harris was gravely Ill and might be near death. We flew back _o
 ....... Boston immediately so my husband could began receivlng the first
 in what was to become a decade of an_=cancer theraples.
 _. A_ _oon as we returned _rom. Atlanta, Harr_ was
 hospA'tal_zed _t Massachusetts General. There_ he underwent _he
 first Of many surgical _procedures, a spleenectomy-to remove his
 spleen and affected lymph glands░ The incú_on ran from his
 pelvic bone to his chest o
 8. As _oon a_ _he surgical wound healed and Harris
 recovered some of has strength he began recelv_ng highly _ox_c
 doses of cancer chemotherapy d_Agso _it dad not _ake long to
 realize _hese drug8 had a devamta_Ing affect On my husband.
 _h_le _he doctors warned u_ %he chemotherapy drugs used to f_g_'_
 cancer caused some unpleasant _Ide eEfects we were totally
 unprepared for _he severity of _he_ ravaging effects.
 9_ _ithin 90 minutes after receiving his f_rs_
 chemotherapy treatment, my husband began to vomit. The vom_t_n_
 would persist, _net for seconds or m_n_es, but for endless hours,
 When there was no,hAng left for him %0 _hrow up, he would get _tb _
 "dry heaves".

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