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 it is reco_ended that the proposed findings and concluslons submitted by
 ..... t) the panics to the admlnistrative law judge be rejected by the Administrator
 except tothe extent they are included in those here_na.fter set fo_h, for _he
 reason that they are Irrelevant or unduly repetltious or not supposed by a
 ...... :> preponderance of the evidence° 21C,FoRo § 1316o_5{a)(1)_
 As noted above, the agreed issues are as fol]ows_
 Prlnclple Issue:
 _; Whether the marljuana plant,, cons:_dered as a whole, may
 lawfully be transferred from Schedule I to Schedule II of
 the schedules established by the Controlled Substances Act.
 Subs'idl ary issues:
 l= Whether the sarljuana plant has a currently accepted
 ...... "
 medical use in treatment in the United States, or a
 currently accepted _edical use with severe restri.ctlons,
 2. Whether there Is a lack of accepted safety for use of
 the _rljuana plant under medlcal supervlslon°

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