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 Department of Justice
 In the matter Of )
 ) Docket # 86 - 22
 ..... MARIJUANA RESCHEDUL_NS P_TXTION } Judge Francis Young
 Clty of Atlanta )
 ) =s:
 S˘ate of Georgia )
 Mona Tarts being first duly sworn, slates as follows:
 I. My name is Mona TeSt0 _ am 37 years old and I
 reside at 3766 Paces Fer_y West in Atlanta_ Georgia.
 2+ On December 23, 1969_ Z was married to Harris
 Michael Taft°
 S_ Six months after our marriage Harris noticed a
 lump on his neck° When the lu=p did not go away he went to a
 doctor. We _re llvlng _n Boston at the _ime and _n early 3une_
 1980, a biopsy was perfor=ed on thls lump by physicians at. the
 Massachusetts Seneral Hospital in Boston°
 4. Later that day we flew to Atlanta to see my
 parents. We were in Atlanta when Harris' physician called to
 _ell _s his biopsy was posltlveo The lump was cancerous and
 malignant. We were advised to re%urn to Boston as soon as
 ! ........

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