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 were a Schedule II drug. Under such conditions, it is likely
 that research would be more aggressive and more far-reaching.
 Such an evaluation might well demonstrate that marijuana had
 additional therapeutic properties which are of benefit to
 patients with a variety of serious medical disorders_ Cer-
 talnly_ siren what we already know about marijuanas such an
 aggressive pursuit of basic information seems warranted.
 24. As a practicing physiclan_ a board-certlfied
 oncologist, and a Professor of Medicines I would not hesitate
 to prescribe marijuana to patients for whom I felt it was an
 appropriate therapy if the drug were legally available.
 Ronald Stephens
 Subscribed and sworn to before me
 this N_. aay of 198V
 My commission explres_
 '_e o
 - lO -

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