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 and as a Professor of Medicine, marijuana is a highly effec-
 tiveF and in some cases, critical drug in the reduction of
 chemotherapeutically-induced emesis.
 22° In my views.based on a ca:eful study of the
 literature and my experiences as a practicing physician and as
 a Professor of Medicine, it is clear to me that marijuana is
 "safe" for use under appropriate medical supervisions _ndeed,
 as noted above_ patients are far more likely to encounter an
 adverse reaction in the absence of such supervision. Current
 policies, by depriving physicians of the right to prescribe and
 of patients of the right to use marijuana within an appropriate
 medical setting, create the perfect conditions for adverse
 ....... effects° Realizing that patients need relief from severe
 emesls_ and recognizing the fact that marijuana is an effective
 medication in the treatment of this emesis, quickly leads one
 to the conclusion that patients would be far better served if
 they were able to obtain the drug legally, by prescriptions
 within a controlled and well-supervised medical setting.
 23° There is one addltlonal_ often overlooked,
 problem created by marijuana's current misclassification.
 Schedule I drugs are subject in many states to not only federal
 but state regulation. Research_ which would commonly be
 performed on other drugs which showed marijuana_s therapeutic
 promise, is often overwhelmed by the paperwork, red tape and
 administrative confusion which surrounds and constrains the
 .investigation of Schedule I drugs. These additional con=
 stralnts which impede research would not occur if marijuana

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