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 in the study that the resulting data was difficult to inter-
 17. Some things, however, did become obvious as a
 result of this study. The study gave me a sense of the large
 number of patients who were self=medlcatlng with marijuana.
 Perhaps the most outstanding and obvious fact distinguishing
 oral THe and marijuana is that oral THC is orally administered,
 while marijuana is inhaled or smoked« The condition being
 treated is severe, protracted emesis -_ vomiting. An oral
 medication can be vomited up. Inhalation, or smoking, bypasses
 the digestive system. At a more subtle level, there are a
 number of important facets to this distinction. Titration, or
 a patient's ability to control the dosage of the drug he or she
 is receiving, is far greater with an inhaled product. Once a
 patient receives an adequate dose and stops vomiting_ the
 patient can discontinue further dosing. In effect, the patient
 ....... simply stops smoking -- or delivering any additional drug.
 With ingestion, however, such titration is impossible. More-
 overs cancer patient, s particularly those receiving chemo-
 therapy or certain types of radiation treatmenú, suffer from a
 number of distinct digestive problems which include delayed
 gastric emptying and poor absorption through the small
 intestine. This means it is very difficult to properly dose a
 patient with synthetic THC ands inversely_ very easy to deliver
 an overdose, with pill delivering more of the drug than the
 patient needs.

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