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 the patient's well-being© Thirds the woman had obtained an
 illegal drug for the first time in her life from a source she
 did not know. Obvlousiy_ there is a considerable amount of
 stress and insecurity involved in such a procedure. Fourths
 she was, because of marijuana_s legal status, compelled to use
 this drug without appropriate medical supervision. Fifths
 lacking appropriate medical supervisionF the woman chose to use
 the drug at the worst possible time _- immediately prior to a
 chemotherapy treatment -- a treatment which she dreaded and
 which was attended by considerable anxiety° Sixth, lacking
 adequate supervisions choosing to use marijuana alone in a
 high=stress situation and for the first timer it is very likely
 the woman smoked too much marijuana too quickly, in effect
 deiivering an overdose°
 15. Realizing that all the patients who smoked
 marijuana for the treatment of their chemotherapy-induced
 _emesis confronted many of these same problems [naive smokers,
 criminality, insecurity, high stress treatment) s it is
 astonishin _ to me that more patients who chose to use marijuana
 did not have adverse reactions. The fact that only one patient
 had an adverse reaction serious enough to bring it to my
 attention underscores how relatively benign this therapy was°
 16. Xn conjunction with several colleagues, Z
 conducted a program of FDA_approved investigation which
 compared the relative benefits of THC and Compazine as anti-
 emetic agents. _Owever_ there wer_ so many variables involved

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