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 9. AS information on marljuana_s medical use moved
 beyond the scientific research community and into the general
 population _- a process which occurred quite rapidly because of
 marijuana's notoriety -- I became aware of patients,
 particularly younger individuals with cancer, who appeared to
 be using marijuana. Put simply, these people were easy to
 identify -_ after receiving chemotherapy, they did not throw
 up. It also became increasingly common for patients to mention
 to me that they had heard press accounts that marijuana might
 be helpful and to ask for additional information. When a
 patient or if such a patient requested such information, I
 provided whatever knowledge I had at the times based on the
 ..... 10. By _the late 1970s, it became increasingly common
 for younger patients to smoke marijuana while receiving chemo-
 therapy° Following diagnosis, and during my first meeting with
 a patient to discuss chemotherapy treatments, I would feel out
 a patient and if he had prior experience with using marijuana,
 would mention that there were some medical studies which
 strongly suggested that it was helpful. If these patients
 picked up on that idea and asked for additional information, I
 would provide such information. I was, however, careful to
 inform these patients that marijuana was illegal and that i
 could not prescribe it to them for their use.
 ii. Obviously_ this was an awkward situationr both
 for me as a physician and for the patient. This situations
 created by ma_ijuana's inappropriate classification as a

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