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 Hematology, the study of blood and blood diseases =- including
 certain cancers like leukemia -_ at the University of Kansas.
 In 1971 and 1972_ I was at the National Cancer Institute and
 received a Fellowship in Oncologyo In 19_2_ ! assumed the
 position of Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University
 of Kansas, where X am now Director of Clinical Ontology and a
 full professor.
 3. I am a licensed physician and I am board s
 certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology.
 4. I first learned of marijuana_s use in alleviat-
 ing the nausea and vomiting experienced by cancer patients
 through the literature. In particular, i was impressed by the
 work of Steve Sallan, a Boston oncologist_ who studied
 marijuana's use by young cancer patients following chemo-
 therapy. Sallan's observations_ which were reported in the Ne__w
 England Journal of Medicine in 1975_ were followed up by a
 ...... series of studies done at a variety of institutions, all of
 which suggested that marijuana and/or synthetic THC were
 extremely effective in reducing emesis among cancer patients
 ..... who had received chemotherapy.
 5. Chemotherapy, the treatment of cancer through
 the use of highly toxic chemicals, often induces severe,
 protracted emesls_ The nausea and vomiting caused by these
 highly toxic agents can become potentially life-threatening.
 The vomiting may be so severe that bones can be fractured,
 ruptures may occur, and the quality of the patient's life may
 be substantially reduced_ This vomiting <:an last up to
 seventy-two hours following therapy_ Once this vomiting

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