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 99. I am saddened that the compassionate intent of the
 law my son helped enact has not been realized because of
 federal policies. _owever_ I know that Keith_ through his
 efforts_ helped hund. reds of desperately ill cancer patients in o
 Michigan and throughout the country to become aware of
 marljuana's medical beneflts_
 I00. The available studies show that, marijuana is
 medically safe for therapeutic use.
 i01. Michigan and more than thirty other StaoteS have
 legislatively recognized marijuana's medical utility. Hundreds
 of physicians throughout the country are telling their patients
 to smoke marijuana. Thousands_ if not tens of thousands_ of
 patients with glaucomas cancers MS and other disorders are
 gaining relief from smoking marijuanas As a parents ! once had
 to confront a stank choice -_ obey the law and let my son
 suffer or break the law and provide my son with genuine relief
 from chemotherapeutically-!nduced misery. I chose to help my
 son° Faced with the same choice again_ my husband and I would

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