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 pursue information on marijuana's medicinal properties and have
 blocked state efforts to make the drug available for medical
 .... 93. Xn response to the conduct of federal agencies, the
 Michigan legislature enacted a Resolution detailing these
 concerns. In part, this Resolution of the Michigan legislature
 Federal agencies have o o . through
 regulatory ploys and obscure bureaucratic
 devices, resisted and obstructed the intent
 of the Michigan legislature .... Glaucoma
 and cancer patients, promised n_edical access
 to marijuana under the laws of Michigan, are
 being deprived of such access by federal
 agencies. (See Exhibit E_)
 94. After outlining a series of complaints, the
 Resolution then calls on the Presldent and the Congress to seek
 appropriate legislative or administrative remedies. _n part,
 the Michigan Resolution calls for systemic reform. The
 Resolution reads:
 That the Congress of the United States be
 urged to seek to remedy federal policies
 which prevent the several states from acquir-
 ing, inhibit physicians from prescribing, and
 prevent patients from obtaining marijuana for
 legitimate medical applications_ by ending
 federal prohibitions against the legitimate
 and appropriate use of marijuana in medical
 95. As the Michigan program became more and more
 bureaucratics there were fewer and fewer physicians or patients
 willing to tolerate the regulatory excesses federal agencies
 demanded. A_ter several years of work, and despite the efforts
 of many indlviduais_ we realized there was little more we could
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