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 doctors and patients alike. Instead of providing seriously ill
 patients with compassionate, legal access to quality controlled
 supplies of marijuana, the program became a research project in
 the hands of a limited number of physicians at the larger
 cancer centers. The welfare of patients did not seem to be a
 criteria under the federal government's procedures.
 89. I realized the program my son, Keith, had worked
 so hard to enact was in serious trouble when the doctor who
 treated Keith_ who knew about marljuana_s medical benefits, and
 who was anxiously awaiting his chance to sign up, decided to
 ...... drop out° X was furious. He, of all people, was abandoning
 the state program.
 90. He explained that he was practicing medicine. The
 conditlons, regulations_ reporting, and other requirements of
 the State program had grown so dense and restrictive that he
 felt they would intrude on his practice of[ medicine. _e said
 he simply did not have the administrative staff or the time
 necessary to handle all of the paperwork involved.
 91. Xn 1982_ after two years of[ conflict between the
 Michigan Department of Public _ealth and FDA, the program
 continued to have problems. Patients and physicians throughout
 the state informally boycotted the program. Physicians and
 patients decided it was easier to get marijuana on the streets
 than to deal with the complex paperwork and reporting
 92. Xn an effort to maintain marijuana's Schedule I
 classiflcation_ federal agencies have failed to aggressively

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