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 ...... and v_mitingo The mother wanted to know if there was some
 other way to use marijuana other than smoking or eating.
 84o After speaking to some doctors and nurses, we
 ..... decided to put pinholes in the capsules sc they could be used
 as s_ppositorles® We quickly discovered that this proved to be
 a highly effective alternative. While the relief was not as
 fast or as predictible when marijuana butter was used in this
 manner, patients did get relief from nasuea and vomiting.
 Xnterestingly_ we learned several years later that federal drug
 agencies attempted to develop a THC suppository and failed°
 85° Despite promises from the Michigan Department of
 Public Health, the state marijuana program took far longer to
 develop than expected_ Legislators, patients, physicians,
 researchers, and others throughout the state were pressing for
 86. It seemed that federal agencies were undermining the
 intent of the Michigan lawo Instead of a compassionate program
 of patient care, research, and treatment, the federal agencies
 wanted to create a highly-structured_ very limited program of
 pure research. Instead of allowing physicians to treat
 patients and reach their own judgments_ the FDA demanded
 detailedw complex, and standardized physician reporting
 87. FDA and the Michigan Department of Public Health
 took nearly one year to implement the Michigan program°
 88. The program that emerged from this constant
 bureaucratic friction was an administrative nightmare for

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