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 acknowledged it would be at least ninety _ays before the state
 could begin to distribute federally-approved supplies,
 75_ After some soul searchings my husband and I decided
 to use the marijuana Kelth left behind for the benefit of other
 ..... cancer patients. The doctor and his staff quickly learned that.
 if a patient was having a bad time they could send the patient
 to us for help. We would provide the patient with marijuana.
 76. Before long we had a booming clinic. As more people
 became aware of what we were doing, we be,jan receiving more
 marijuana in the mail or we would find a bag of it on our
 porch. The more marijuana we collected the more patients we
 could supply°
 77. Within a very short time, _I became known as the
 Michigan "Green Crosse" and I was nicknamed "Grandma
 Marijuana'. Doctors in several surrounding counties began
 sending patients to me for helpo On occaslon_ patients who
 tried to get _nto the state programt which was not yet opera-
 tional, were referred to me_ I never asked these patients who
 in the State Department of Public Health was referring them to
 me. I. simply did what I could to help anyone who had a
 legitimate medical need for marijuana. I never ran into any
 jokers_ it is hard to fake cancer°
 78. Most o£ the time patients quickly understood how to
 smoke marijuana. On some occaslons_ however, we had to provide
 them with help. I do not smoke_ I found a woman in her mid-
 forties who had smoked marijuana at one time. Together we

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