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 70. Following Keith's deaths there was a tremendous
 outpouring of comment_ People we did not know and had never
 met sent us touching cards and letters praising Keith's efforts
 to help others. We continued to receive calls _[rom newspapers
 and other media sources asking about Keith_ It was clear to me
 that Keith had deeply touched many people throughout the coun=
 try. Despite my griefs I felt extremely proud for Keith for
 having had the courage to publicly discuss his disease and ho
 fight to legalize medical access to marijuana so other patients
 could benefit_ (See Exhibit Do)
 .7 ..... 71. In recognition of Keith_s efforts, the Michigan
 legislature passed Joint Resolution XX declaring in part: _Be
 it resolved by the Senate that our sincerest tribute be
 accorded in memory of Keith Nut. to _
 72. Several months after Keith's death, I went to see the
 oncologist who had helped t:eat Keith. I asked if he needed
 ..... any volunteer help. _e accepted the offers and I helped to
 care for other cancer patients.
 73. A short time after I began work, the doctor sent a
 patient to see me. The patleni was suffering from debilitating
 nausea and vomiting and had threatened to stop taking her
 chemotherapy because of the adverse side effects. _
 74. I remembered how my son had reached out to other
 patients. We still continued to receive marijuana in the mail_
 though not as much as before Keith_s death° The Michigan
 legislature had authorized marijuana's medical use, but

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