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 discussed, 4 A11 parties present stipulated, for the purpose of this proceed-
 ing, that marijuana has a high potential for abuse and that abuse of the mari-
 juana plant may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. They then
 agreed that the principal issue in this proceeding would be stated thus:
 ..... - Whether the marljuana plant, considered as a whole, 5 may
 The transcript of this preheating conference an of the subsequenthearlng
 '_ sessions comprlse 15 volumes numbered as follows:
 Vol. I - Prehearlng Conference, October 16, 1987
 Vol. IS - Cross Examination, November Ig, 1987
 Vol. Ill - Cross Examination, December :3, IgB7
 Vol. IV - Cross Examination, Dec_ber !), 1987
 Vol. V - Cross Examinatlon, January 5, 19BB
 ':_ Vol. VI - Cross Exa_nation, January 6,,1988
 Vol. VII - Cross Examlnation, January 7,, 1988
 Vol. VIXI- Cross Exa_nation, January 26, Ig88
 Vol. IX - Cross Exam'ination, January 2;', 1988
 VolŪ X - Cross Examination, January ZB, 1988
 Volo XZ - Cross Examlnatlon, Janua_ 29, Ig88
 _;:: Vol. XII - Cross ExeLmlnatlon, Februar_y 21, 1988
 Vol. XIII- Cross [x_Batlon_ Febrt_ 4,.;Ig_BF _'-
 VolL_XIlr_- ,,CriTs_Examinatlon, February B, 1988
 CL_ Vol. XV - Oral Argument, June lO, 1988
 Pages of the transcript are cil_ed herein by volume and page, e.g. "Tr. V-g6";
 '_G-" identlfles an Agency exhibit.
 B Throughout th'is opinion the term "marijuana _ refers to "the marijuana plant,
 .... considered as a whole _.

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