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 65. A week later, on October I0_ 1979_ the Michigan
 _ouse voted 100 - 0 in favor of making marijuana available to
 patients like Keith who suffered from life- or sense-
 threatening diseases like cancer and glaucoma.
 66. On October 15_ 1979s the M_chlgan Senate concurred
 with the House and voted 33 to I in favo_ of making marijuana
 medically available to Michigan cancer and glaucoma patients
 for use under medical supervision. The following day the
 Detroit Free Press' Lansing Bureau Chief, _ugh McDiarmid,
 wrote, "Compassion Wins In Marijuana Vote.. _ (See Exhibit Co)
 . 67. On the evening of Sundays October 21, 1979, my
 husband went to say goodnight to Keith. We told Keith the
 Michlgan Marijuana-as-Medicine bill would be signed into law
 the next day. Keith was happy his effort had made a dif-.
 ference. He smiled and said goodnight.
 68. Early on the morning of October 22, i979, Keith
 died. Later that day Michigan's Lieutenant Governor, James
 Brickley, signed the Michigan Controlled Substances Therapeutic
 Research Program into law.
 69 During the time Keith smoked marijuana to alleviate
 the adverse side effects of his chemotherapy treatments he
 never once experienced an adverse effect from marijuana. It
 was clear to us that marijuana was the safest, most benign drug
 he received during the course of his battle against cancer.
 Certainly marijuana was immeasurably safer than the lethal
 chemotherapeutic agents which were supposed to prolong our
 son's lifeo

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