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 _the committeer the only drug that provided his @Laughter with
 any relief from the debilitating side effects of her chemo-
 therapy treatments° It was easy for°us to identify with
 Reverend Negen's obvious distress_ Be was bein_ forced to
 break the law in order to provide _or his daughter's medical
 needs. In the same ways we had to break the law to meet
 Keith_s medical needs.
 63. Deborah Negen was even more eloquent as she testified
 about how marijuana helped her cope with the vemiting and
 nausea caused by her chemotherapy treatments_ She pleaded with
 the committee for help and asked them to consider that other
 seriously ill people were needlessly suffe=ing0_ We were deeply
 moved by this family's anguished testimony° The story was so
 familiar_0so close to home. We knew exactly how Reverend
 Negen felt about having to break the law. It is not" something
 we did lightly_ but something we were compelled to do by
 circumstances beyond our control°
 64. Following the hearings in the House, my family
 received even more calls from newspapers, television and radio
 stations asking _or more information. Cancer patients
 continued to call us seeking help or asking how they could help
 get the legislation enacted. We also received more marijuana
 in the mail from people trying to help Keith. Keith continued
 to distribute the marijuana he could not use to other cancer
 patients° Be also continued to speak with patients who called
 for helpt but he was very weak.
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