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 ..... the Gladwin County Record, quoted Dr. Rosenberg at length. A
 portion of the story notes:
 The Nutt family was backed up by
 Dr. Barnett Rosenberg, a Michigan State
 ..... University biophysicist, credited with the
 discovery of _ new platinum_based cancer
 Rosenberg told the committee cancer
 treatment drugs and radiation therapy induce
 intense vomiting and nausea_
 Although the research isn't complete
 yet, Rosenberg said it appears_ marijuana is
 the most effective drug for eliminating the
 painful side effects of cancer treatments.
 Rosenberg said doctors can now treat
 cancer patients with marijuana if they get
 federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
 approval. But the process is time consuming
 and requires extensive research and study of
 each patient involved.
 Because of federal restrictions the
 Michigan bill may not make it easier for '
 doctors to obtain marijuana for cancer
 patients_ he noted. [Rosenberg] said he
 testified to increase public awareness of
 marljuanats potential [benefits] for cancer
 patients. (See Exhibit B.)
 54. Following the Senate hearings, there was considerable
 publiclty about Keith. We began receiving phone calls from
 ...... other cancer patients in Michigan and throughost the United
 States. Many were seeking help. Keith often spoke with these
 patients late into the nights sharing information and trying to
 55 Cancer patients and their relatives who lived close
 to us called and asked Keith for help and advice regarding how
 to smoke properly, how much to useu and how often. On several
 occasions Kelth went on "house calls" to teach patients how to

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