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 _t is the only thing that relieves the
 ....... terrible nausea that follows chemotherapy
 treatments for cancer, says the 23-year-old
 Right now_ Keith is still able to drive
 to his sources of marijuana. _ the time
 ..... comes when Kelth can't get out of the house
 to buy the illegal drugs his mothers Mac
 Nutt_ 58, says_ _that's where I come in_ But
 it shouldn't be necessary to break the law to
 get help for a child who is very_ very illo"
 (See Exhibit A.)
 49. On the same day this article appeared, we went to
 Lansing to testify before the Michigan Senate Judiciary Commit-
 tee. The hearings were on a bill to legalize marijuana's
 ...... medical use by Michigan glaucoma, cancers and multiple
 sclerosis (nMS_) patients.
 50. During our testlmony_ one Senator asked Keith if his
 ..... doctors knew he was smoking marijuana. _eith_ in an effort to
 protect his doctors and the hospitals said his doctors did not
 know he was smoking marijuana.
 51. Doctor Barnett Rosenberg, the inventor of the new
 chemotherapeutic drug Cysplatin, which Keith was taking, also
 testified at the hearings and spoke in favor of the
 52. Following the hearings, we spoke privately with
 Dr. Rosenbergo Se was strongly supportive and encouraged Keith
 to keep smoking so he could continue with his chemotherapy
 treatments° Dr o Rosenberg told us many o_ the cancer patients
 in his test programs smoked marijuana while receiving chemo-
 53. Se_/eral reporters also spoke with Dr. Rosenberg. One
 story, which appeared after the hearings in a local newspapers

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