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 effects of his anti-cancer therapies. Ineffects reasonable
 people apparently decided the law did not match the reality of _
 Keith_s -- and other patlent_s _- needs_
 46° My husband and I came to resent the fact Keith's
 marijuana therapy was iilegal_ We felt like criminals° We are
 honest, simple people and we hated having to sneak around. T
 was uncomfortable with our closest friends_ our minister, and
 our other sons Mares having to risk a_est in order to provide
 . Keith with the marijuana he so obviously needed. I also won-
 dered about other parents who might have a child suffering from
 .... chemotherapy who might not know that marijuana could help end
 their child's misery, or who did not know how to obtain
 mar ij uana_
 47. My husband and I _ approached Keith and asked him if
 we could tell his story to the newspaper, i told him it might
 help other cancer patients° de agreed_ on one condition: that
 we not give the newspaper details about the nature of his
 cancer or of the surgical procedures which resulted in the
 removal of his testes. As a young man in his twenties, Keith
 wanted at least this much of his life to remain p:ivateo We
 quickly agreed to this condition.
 48. A reporter _o: the locai paper (the Bay City Times)
 came to our houses listened to our story and wrote an article
 which appeased on March II, 1979o The story began:
 Keith Nutt of Beaverton doesn't care who
 knows he uses marijuana.

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