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 flashes, his joints became swollen and painful, his hair fell
 Out and he felt sick all over. The anti-cancer drugs were so
 toxic that Keith could pull off large pieces of skin where the
 chemotherapy injections had been given.
 -_ 42. Smoking marijuana dramatically changed all of this_
 Immediately before chemotherapy Kelth woul._ smoke one marijuana
 cigarette. Following chemotherapy he would smoke all or part •
 of a second marijuana cigarette if he felt queasy. On good
 days Keith didn't have to remain in the hospital after his
 chemotherapy treatments. When we got homes Keith would stay in
 the living room and talk with his brother and father. _qe would
 join the family for dinner_ where he would eat more than his
 share. He became outgoing and talkative. Keith became part of
 our family again because marijuana controlled the debilitating
 symptoms of his chemotherapy,
 43. Once my husband and _ saw the dramatic improvement in
 Eeith's condition, we made certain that all of his doctors and
 nurses were aware of the situation. None objected, and some
 clearly approved.
 44. We made arrangements with the hospital for Keith to
 smoke marijuana in his hospital room. This would save him from
 having to smoke in the parking lot before chemotherapy and
 allow him to smoke in his room after chemotherapy.
 45. Even though use of marijuana is illegal, many people
 at the hospital supported Keith's marijuana therapy. No one at
 the hospital doubted that marijuana was helpful and no one
 discouraged Eeith °from smoking marijuana to control the adverse
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