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 37. The next day we took the marijuana to Keith in the
 hospital. After Keith smoked the marijuanas there was a
 dramatic improvement in his nausea.
 38. Before smoking marijuana, Keith would vomit and retch
 for at least eight hours following his chemotherapy injec-
 tion. Then he would vomit less frequently but would become
 overwhelmingly nauseated and unable to eat. This inability to
 eat would continue until the beginning of his next chemotherapy
 sessions when he again would start to vomits The process would
 repeat itself.
 ....... _9, Marijuana broke this cycle. After Keith smoked
 marijuanas his vomiting abruptly stopped. It was amazing to
 see. None of the anti-emetic drugs prescribed by the doctors
 had been effective. Now, with just a few puffs of marijuaha,
 Keith was no longer vomiting. It was a sudden_ abrupt change°
 40. Marijuana also put an end to Keith's nausea. When he
 smoked marijuanae he was constantly hungry and could eat. He
 actually began to put on weight. His mental outlook also
 underwent a startling improvements
 41. Prior to smoking marijuana, Kelth would go to his
 chemotherapy, come home and rush upstairs. Re would shut him_
 self in his bedroom and stuff towels under the door to keep out
 the smell of dinner cooking. He would not join us for dinner
 and would remain in his room or the bathroom vomiting for the
 rest of the evening. The cancer and chemo_:herapy made Keith
 act like a wounded animal -- timid and reti_ingo _e would stay
 in his room and vomit. _qe would have intense hot and cold
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