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 number of Representatives and Sen_ors to help enact the
 Michigan _Marijuana as Medicine" legislation.
 33° I then contacted Mrs Winthrop_ He provided my
 husband and I with information on marijuana and on the drug's
 medical use, including its anti-emetlc effects relative to
 cancer chemotherapy treatments. We learned that physicians and
 patients in a number of states had already succeeded in passing
 state laws to make marijuana available to seriously ill
 patients like Keith.
 34. Shortly after my husband and I read these materials_
 ...... Keith had to be hospitalized for another round of chemotherapy
 and observation. As always, the chemotherapy made him
 dreadfully sick.
 35. • ewe could not stand by and watch our son suffer.
 After a short discussions we decided we had to get some mari-
 juana for Keith® My husband and I are an older couple and we
 did not have the slightest idea where to find marijuana. In
 desperation, we contacted a close friend, an ordained
 Presbyterian minister. He worked with a number of local youth
 groups and we thought he might have some _ontactso He listened
 quietly while we explained our problem and asked for his helpo
 36. Several days later_ at I0_3_ p.m.s this minister
 showed up at our door. He told us he had managed to obtain
 some marijuana. _t was the first time we had eve= seen
 = - _-_{: ' <9

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