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 . _tf_x; _d ,_'_ findings a_'_d rec_nctat_o_ on sch_ulin_ OEA did so and .
 '::°_"h_re_pondecI, IB:_ • le_r:d_ed_.:A_ril_li/_!gB6 t.he then,._c'_ing Deputy )
 : :_d_r_Istra_;ori+o? DEA requested tMs adm_+n_strB_v_ 4_w Judge t_ c_nc__ hea_g .
 "-_;_._-.. Af_":t"_he judge conferr_ with counsel igor MOR_L and OEA_ _ notlc_ was )
 ;:/_? pubI_hed:r_; the:_dera} ;R_:er o_,_e 2˘, 3986. anno_c_9 i_h_..hearings
 ' _ _,_uld be held on: RORI_L_ petition for _he,-resched__h_g _f _r_.juana and _ts
 . c_onents co_enclng on August 2_, ]g86 and glv_Ing any _teres_ed person _ho )
 desired to par_Iclpai_e the oppo_umlty to do so. 51 Fed. Reg. 22g46 (tg86),
 Of the three original pei_Itlo_ing organizations _n _g72 oMy NORML is a
 pa_y to the present proc_ed!_g, Z_ add_tio_ the _ol_o_ing chili'Yes responded
 .. _ the Federal Regis_ar notice and have become pa_ies_ pa_cipa˘i_g _o varying
 degrees: the _31ance for Cannabis Therapeutlc_ (ACT}, Ca_nab_ Corporation of
 America (CCA)and Carl [r_˘ Olsen_ all seeking transfer of _arijua_i_ to Schedule
 lI_ _he Agency:_ _a_Io_a_ Fed_r_tlon of Pare_i_$ for Drug-Free Youth (NFP) and the
 I_ernatlona3 Association o_ Ch_e?s of _ollce (IACP), a_ contending that
 _r_juana. _hould remain in Schedule _o
 )reli_nar_ prshearing s_ss_o_s _ere held on August 2_ and December 5,
 Ig85 and on February _0, _g87_ _ _r_ng _he pre_i_ina_ stages_ on January 20,
 _g87, NORML Tiled a_ a_e_ded peti_Io_ ?or reschedu_ng, Th_ new petition aban_
 doned NORM_._s pr_vi_ r_q_es_s ?or the co_plet_ deŽsched_Ti_g of marijuana or
 reschedu_ing _ Schedule Vo It asks only that _ar'ijuana be placed in Schedule
 A_ a preheating conference on February 20_ Ig87 th'_s amended pet'itio_ _a_
 3 Transcripts of these _hree preliminary preheating sessions are included in
 the record _

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