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 29. Keith told us that while he was in the hospital in
 Columbus he had met other cancer patients who were receiving
 chemotherapy. These patients told him about smoking marijuana
 to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. According to
 Kelth_ these other cancer patients said _arijuana really helped
 reduce the vo_itingo
 30. As a parentw _ was strongly opposed to marijuana
 and other illegal drugs. My husband and _ made sure that our
 sons knew exactly how we felt. We told them that we never
 wanted them to use such drugs for any _eason. We do not doubt
 that our sons may have tried smoking marijuana at one time or
 another while growing up, but we are also sure our sons had no
 drug problems and no illusions about our stern opposition to
 ..... drug use.
 31. Xt was hard to believe that an illegal drug could be
 of any help. We thought the government would know if marijuana
 had medical value and, if sos would make it legally available
 to patients by prescription° We made a few calls. One of the
 people we contacted was our State Representatives Robert
 Young. We asked Representative Young if _:here was any way we
 could legally obtain marijuana so that ou_: son Keith could try
 it and see if it helped.
 32. I was surprised when Representative Young told me
 that a bill to legalize marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma
 and cancer was scheduled to come before the Michigan legisla-
 ture. Representative Young also gave me the name and phone
 number of Mr. Roger Winthrop, a man who was working with a

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