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 18. During the operation, surgeons removed Keith's
 remaining testicle.
 19. Following the operations our son was seen by an
 internist. He explained that the cancer was spreading and told
 us that Kelth would require extensive chemetherapy treatments.
 20. As soon as his surgical wounds healed, Keith was
 placed on a new, highly to=ic fo=m of chemotherapy called
 21. Keith_s chemotherapy began in February_ 1979.
 The treatments made him extremely ill_ After receiving his
 injections, he would vomit violently for eight to ten hours°
 Then he would become profoundly nauseated to the point that he
 could neither bear to look at nor smell food.
 22_ In an attempt to curb Keith's nausea and _omiting_
 Compazine and other anti-emetic drugs were prescribed. These
 drugs did not provide any noticeable relief°
 23° This combination of intense vomiting and debilitating
 nausea quickly took a toll on our son_ Unable to eat or to
 keep down any food he managed to swallows Keith rapidly began
 to lose weight. In less than two months_ our son lost at least
 thirty pounds.
 24_ Keith_s vomiting was so violent that it became a
 heaving retch. Because he could not eats he began to vomit
 bileo When there was nothing to vomits he would simply retch
 and convulse. It was horrible for us to watch our child suffer
 such angulsh _

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