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 12. On April 19_ 1978, we were in Columbus during Keith_s
 first operation. During the operations the diseased testicle
 was removed. After a biopsy_ which found the tissue to be
 malignant_ the surgeons removed a large number of lymph nodes
 between Keith's pelvic bone and breast bone in an effort to
 remove all of the cancer°
 13o Keith was a very independent young man and he decided
 to remain in Columbus following his recovery from surgery. He
 made a determined effort to resume a normal life. _e also
 discussed possible anti-cancer therapies with his physicians in
 Columbus. The doctors felt that they had removed all of the
 cancer and thought no extensive chemotherapy or radiation
 treatments were warranted. However_ Keith was unable to
 maintain his energy and in the fall of 1978_ he returned home
 to live with us.
 14. After returning home, Keith made a determined effort
 to remain active and vital. He quickly found a new job and
 started working. All appeared to be going well.
 15_ On the evening of January _, IS79, after a wonderful
 holiday season, Keith told us that his other testicle was hard
 and enlarged. He thought it might be cancerous.
 16. The next morning we accompanied Keith to a urologist
 in Midland, the nearest large community.
 17o After a brief examination, the doctor told us that
 Keith's condition was serious and he needed another operation
 immediately. Keith was hospitalized later that day.

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