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 ...... July 3, 1963. During the surgery_ doctors removed a one-pound
 tumor which was attached to one of Dana's ribs. The rib was
 also removed.
 5. Dana remained hospitalized for nearly a month.
 Then he came home. For the next three years, Dana received
 chemotherapy and radiation treatments® He was often
 hospitalized at the Henry Ford Hospital for additional
 treatments o
 6o The chemothgrapy treatments made Dana very
 ill. When the cancer spread to his brains, he began receiving
 radiation treatments. These made him violently angry and
 difficult to manage. The therapy also made Dana listless and
 destroyed his appetite and, eventuallyF his personality_
 7. "Despite the powerful therapies which caused
 these severe adverse effects_ the cancer continued to spread
 and began affecting other organs° In duly_ and in December,
 1964t-additional surgical procedures were performed on Dana.
 During these procedures, portions of his lungs were removed.
 8. For the remainder of Dana's3 life_ he remained
 seriously ills
 9= Dana died January 5_ 1967°
 10. Dana's protracted illness drained our financial
 resources. The emotional strain was extremely difficult on us
 and our other children.
 11o In the spring of 1978, our eldest son Keiths who war
 living in Columbus, Ohio, phoned home to tell us that he had
 testicular cancer.
 ' 1_ ;i 4 0

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