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 ...... 36° Legal or illegal marijuana works; it helps me
 when nothing else cane I would be foolish to ignore this fact
 and become a total cripple° I will continue to smoke marijuana"
 ..... to meet my urgent medical needs. _ am confident any person
 faced with this choice would make the same decision.
 l_iar tha Hirsch
 Subscribed and sworn to before me this ___]_ _ day
 of _! __, 1987.
 ....... My commission expires: 199a ......... /4_._.._iPAch ..... •
 II be hii f_t_i i_t _nd lllillltlt, llitifOl'l, llle,
 _%I (_m_i_lii_ Ez_irls l'¥%a¥ II, 1990
 - i0 -

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