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 the paperwork involved in making such a request was "overwhelm_
 ing _, When I told him that I had found someone willing to put
 the paperwork together, he expressed an interest in trying to
 help me.
 _ 34. I contacted Mr. Robert Randall_ President of the
 Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics, and asked for _elp.
 Mr. Randall offered to help my doctor make an IND application
 to FDA. _owever, he told me that few patients actually receive
 marijuana through the IND process and warned me that my
 doctor as _ND request might take a long time to process through
 the federal agencies.
 35. I wonder why physicians can prescribe dangerous,
 marginally effective drugs like ACTH, valium, morphine, and
 cocaine_ but are considered incompetent when it comes to
 prescribing a highly effective, benign drug like cannabis.
 Federal agencies seem to have made no effort to explore
 marijuana_s medical use, despite the clear benefits that I and
 other patients experience after smoking marijuana.

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