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 27. One morning_ a week before Christmas, I woke up
 and discovered that my vision had been affected. I could not
 see well enough to read or write. This condition continued for °
 a period of three and a half weeks.
 28° When _ smoke marijuana my entire body seems to
 re!axe spasms decrease or d£sappear_ ! sleep better, and my
 dizzy spells vanish. One nightF after this last major attackF
 my personal care attendant (_PCA _) came over shortly after I
 finished smoking a joint. She began to stretch the muscles in
 my legs which had been knotted by spasms for several weeks and
 was surprised at how flexible and limber I was. I told her I
 had just smoked marijuana and she said tlhat, a number of the
 patients she treated also smoked marijuana, However_ she did
 not know how I could legally obtain marijuana for my medical
 29. I again told my doctor that I was smoking
 marijuana and asked him to write me a prescription so I could
 legally obtain the drug for my medical u_e. He told me he
 believed that my medical need for marijuana was genuine and
 said he would write me a prescription for marijuana. He told
 me that he doubted I could find a pharmacist who could fill
 such a prescription° He then suggested that I contact the
 Massachusetts Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union
 (_ACLU _) to see if they could find a way for him to legally
 prescribe marijuana to me.
 30° After checking into the p:oblem_ the ACLU told
 me that it is virtually impossible for patients, regardless of

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