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 21 § 812 FOOD AND
 (2) Ani]eridlne_
 ($) Bezitramide_
 (4) Dihydr_codeineo
 (_) Dipheno_|a_.
 (#) Fen_|.
 (7) laom_hadone.
 (8) Levomethorphan,
 (9) Levc_hano]°
 (10) Metazo_in_
 (II) Methadone.
 (12) Methadon_termediat˘, 4_cyan_edimeChyl_ina-4,
 ciiphen_,| bu_nao
 (15) Moramide-Interm_liate, _methyi,_-mo_ho|in_ l-di-
 phenylpropan_caxbozylic acid.
 (14) Pethidine.
 ..... (lti) Pethidin_Interme:lia_A, 4_ya_o_l-mtthyld-phenylpio
 (16) Pethidine-lntermediate-B, ethy]_4ophenyipiperidined-
 (17) Pethidins.InCe_mediate. C, 1-met,hy|.4-phenyipi_ridine
 4_˘arboxy|ie acid°
 (15) Phena_ocineo
 (19) Piminodine.
 (20) Racemetho_hm,n.
 (21) Racemo_hano
 (c) Unleaa specifically _ep_d or unless listed in another sched-
 ule, _y in_ectsb|e liquid which con_in_ _ny quantity o_ metham°
 phe_amine, including Rs _I˘_, iaomers, and s&i_a o_ isomers.
 (a) Un|eu sp_ificaiiy excep*_d or unles_ liatad in another _eKed-
 u|e, any material, compound, mixture, or preparation which containa
 asĄ quantity of the _ollowing _ub_tauces having a stimulant e_ec_
 on the central ne_sus system:
 (1) Amphetamine, t_ aal_, optical iasme_, and _al_ o_ i˘_
 optical isom_o
 (2) _hsnmeC_'azi_e and ira _a_˘_.
 (8) Any substance (except an injectable liquid) which c_n-
 Coins any quantity _f methamphet_.mine, including i_ s_ita, ie_
 reefs, and _alCa of isomez_.
 (4) MeC_hyiphenid_.
 (b) UnleSs specifically _cepted or uni_ listed in another eched-
 u|_ any martial, compcun_ _ixtu_, or p_e_a_on which contwlne

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