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 cannabinoid ratios_ but a drug type is still
 a drug type.
 The result is that we can supply to NIDA
 marijuana materials of known composition and
 with an absolute history on each specimen.
 secondly, we have developed the analysis
 process_ and in connection can prepare many
 special dose forms of the crude drug for
 special research projects.
 Dr_ Turner calls this "perhaps the most
 significant' accomplishments a feat that led
 a marijuana working group sponsored by the
 United Nations to recommend in 1974 that the
 < Mississippi analytical procedures be used
 worldwide as ag_$ans of obtaining uniform
 study results. _
 Dr. Merritt, during cross-examination, noted the
 obvious fact that through simple chemical techniques the
 constituents of a marijuana plant can be identified. The
 Government, in fact, has done just this at the Triangle Research
 2nstitute establishment. 9-// Certainly, _e FDA has disregarded
 this variability issue by permitting numerous Phase Ii and
 Phase Ill investigations with human subjects.
 Even assuming, arguendo that the Government is correct,
 the nature of marijuana, itself, solves t/le problem. The drug
 has a very high LD_50 level and a very high therapeutic index.
 In addition patients can easily determine for themselves the
 plant's potency -- for instance its THe content. _-4/ In some it
 9// Rebuttal Affidavit of Robert Randall, Exhibit i at 15.
 93/ Cross-examination of Dr. John Merritt, Tr. I0_225 & 10-226
 (use of gas chromatograph technique produces standardized product>
 9_/ Xn 1958, Andrew Well tested confiscated supplies of mari-
 juana used in his study on patients who had little difficulty in
 Wgauging # the potency of the marijuana cigarette. Affidavit of
 Andrew Weil, _I 23_24o
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