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 of the Drug Abuse Research Advisory Commtittee (#DARAC _) of the
 FDA stated that we know more about marijuana than any other
 drug° 8_-/ It is noteworthy t_hat the @overnment affiants in this
 proceeding have not alleged a scientifically substantiated
 adverse effect from smoking marijuana under medical
 i_ supervision _- a fact that does nothing more than confirm
 marijuana_s safety. Finally, the government, in this proceedings
 takes the position that marijuana is _unsafe_ # because the drug
 cannot be standardized, either by dose or chemically. This
 argument is frivolous.
 Marijuana is, of courses a plant and thus its chemical
 composition may vary, depending uponwhat species of cannabis is
 grown and under what conditions_ However, the government
 produces dose-qualified marijuana cigarettes through NIDA at a
 farm in Mississippi. 9_0/ Dr. Merritt noted that the government
 bass after lonq practice, produced a standardized product® 9_/
 Indeed, Carlton Turner, President Reagan_'s former advisor on
 dlrug policy boasted that the governmentes Mississippi Marijuana
 farm is growing a standardized product.
 The first significant thing we did was to
 show that we can grow and produce a good
 _' ..... drug_type and a good fiber_type cannabis
 plant in Mississippi . . _ We found that
 environmental factors do affect the
 9__/ (... continued)
 ...... use of marijuana rather than an exploration of the drug's
 potential therapeutic uses°
 _/ id. at _ x08.
 __I/ Cross-examination of Dr. John Merritt, Tr. i0-225.
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