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 marijuanaare _adverse, m the ultimate fine tuning decision is one
 that should be left to the treating physician An a particular
 Marijuana's safe use by humans has been well
 documented, in 1968, Dr. Andrew WeAl, then a medical student at
 ....... Harvard_Universit_, together with Dr_ Norman Zinberg_ conducted a
 well-controlled double blind study to determine whether marijuana
 could be safely used under medical supervision in a program of
 scientific study and evaluation. 8-4/ The study concluded that
 marijuana could safely be used by humans® 9-_/ Based upon the
 conclusions of the Weil/Zinberg study -- conclusions that have
 ....... never been contradicted by a subsequent study -- the Food and
 Drug Administration authorized various plhase If, and later phase
 IXI_ marijuana studies on humans_ 86/
 ..... The safety of marijuana is alsodemonstrated by "the
 fact that despite twenty years of intense scrutiny by the Federal
 Governments no significant adverse effect from smoking marijuana
 ?- has been discovered. 9-_/ In many respects_ marijuana is the most
 researched drug in the history of pharmacology. In the mid _
 1970"s, more than one research paper a day on marijuana appeared
 .... _ in the scientific and medical literature. 8_8/ In 1978, a member
 ___/ I__. at _ 16_17o
 9__/ /__. at _ 83°
 9__/ _o at _ 84. Nearly all of these articles unfortunately
 involved an effort to discover a possible adverse effect from the
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