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 irritat_on_ First_ none of these alleged side effects have been
 well established. 79/ Harvard Professor, Dr. Norman Zinberg_ a
 participant in the Relman Study which analyzed the effects of
 marijuana on mann noted that the studies regarding reduction in
 sperm count were conflicting and inconcl_sive. Reports of
 marijuana_s effect on the immune system are not supported by
 scientific studies. 81/ Dr. Andrew Weii_ addressing the question
 of lung irritation -_ and the possibility that marijuana causes
 cancer_testified nThere is no clinical or credible evidence
 marijuana smoke causes any human cancer° Since this same
 statement could be made about many mode_ pharmaceutical products
 and medical techniquesp such statements should be tempered by a
 recognition that all forms of medical in°_ervention carry risks,
 known and unknown. I view government efforts to stress this
 point little more than fear mongering° _[/ Second, these
 purported side effects must be considered vis-a-vis the disease
 to be treated _ i_@_r nausea resulting from cancer chemotherapy_
 glaucomas and muscle spasticity. Third_ these alleged side
 effects must be compared vis-a-vis drugs commonly prescribed for
 these purposes. For examples innumerable drugs suppress the
 immune system° _-_/ To the extent that the side effects of
 79/ /_. at _ 77.
 __q/ Cross-examination of Dr. Norman Zillbergs Tr. Ii-247
 (studies considering possibility that marijuana reduces sperm
 count or testosterone level inconclusive_lo
 81/ Id°
 9__/ Affidavit of Dr. Andrew Well, _ 75._
 83/ I__do at _ 77.
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