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 neuropharmaceutical agents have this characteristics These drugs
 are routinely prescribed to patients with very modest medical
 needs, including headaches, backaches, stress and weight reduc-
 tion. 7_/ Timoptic, a dr_q commonly prescribed in glaucoma
 therapy, has, according to published reports_ induced a few
  ,:i_ hallucinations. 7_/ Indeed, synthetic TRC derived from
 marlDuana.s most psychoactive component_ has a similar _- albeit
 far more disturbing -- side effect.
 Occasionallys patients using marijuana -- as is true
 with TTHC -- experience npanic reactionso '7_6/ Individuals smoking
 marijuana under stress for the first time have reported this
 symptom. 7_7/ Usually this npanic reaction _ is due more to the
 person's fear of breaking the law and engaging in a new
 experience than it is a reaction to the drugs itself. 7_/ The
 calm and reassuring intervention of medical personnel is'
 sufficient to resolve the problem. Thus_, under medical
 supervision with proper training, a patient will almost always be
 able to avoid a potential adverse reaction from marijuana use.
 In its submission, the Government has alleged a series
 of purported nadverse effects _ resulting from smoking marijuana.
 These include reduction in sperm counts suppression of the
 immuno system, increased heartbeats and potential lung
 74/ /__o at _ 55.
 7_/ ___ at _ 56.
 76/ /_. at _ 61
 77/ _d_ at _ 63-68.
 7_/ /__o at _ 67-69.
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